3 Cheapest Places to Buy Computer Checks Online

It is convenient to re-order check from your local bank, but did you know there are online options to get the same computer checks from specialized check printing companies?  These companies offer the same quality paper, safety functions and features of a computer check as the banks do.  In addition, there are tremendous cost savings when you know where to go. 

Printing checks is a sensitive and critical business operation.  There is important data embedded in the negotiable document such as routing numbers, account numbers and bank names that every person should be cautious in sharing.  Prior to making an order, it is essential to review any information available on the website and to know the specific accounting software compatibilities for the computer checks offered.  Attempt to review the icons badges around the website and its merits.  There are certifications, Better Business Bureau badges, and COVID-19 service announcements worth reading and helps one evaluate in making the best decision.  The footer links are a wealth of information.  It reveals a lot about the company, management bios, check safety purchase information, product information, order information, FAQ, return policy, shipping rates, security procedures, privacy policy, discount specials, loyalty programs and much more.

The best vendors to order computer checks from have secured websites that protect the consumer.  The websites will include a secure encrypted connection and also have certifications maintaining that they have procedures to assure that their sites are free of malware, viruses, phishing attacks, and other threats that can harm the business and computers.  The Better Business Bureau website badges allows you to click and read the company fact sheet, ratings and reviews of the company’s business performance by other consumers. 

Standard check security designs and features offered are different for each check printing company.   Security features for computer checks include warning borders, gradient ink color, holograms, ghost watermarks, microprinting, etc.  Most websites have detailed descriptions of these security features and some even have a descriptive video demonstrating the purpose and use.  Accounting departments that have a minimum risk compliance policy for check issuance procedures now have an easier time to satisfy their checklist using the information provided by websites making it easy to order.  Online chats are available and very convenient, as well as customer service by telephone to further inquire about the computer check product and options.

Performing check inventory counts and procurement planning can help save the company money by ordering in large volumes and avoiding rush shipping charges.  This can be done by monitoring the company’s check usage per week.  Check runs can include payroll, vendor payments, expense reimbursements, which can be a significant amount.  It is ideal to order checks with a lead time of at least two weeks, and for first time orders, factor lead times at least one month for any errors, reprints and shipping delays.  Check printers can typically take 3-5 business days for printing plus shipping, so two weeks or more is a suitable lead time.  Each check printing company is different in their definition of a rush order, so verify what a rushed order process and shipping service includes.  One example of a rushed shipping request is for a check printer to overnight ship up to 100 checks, so that the bulk order printing can be completed and be shipped separately with an economical transport charge.

As you shop, ensure that your computer software is compatible to the computers offered for sale in these websites.  We have observed that some companies have changed their prices and specials daily during the writing of this article, so verify the prices prior to ordering.  We have looked for cheap places to get computer checks when you shop online and here are the results:



600 – $59.95

2500 – $169.95

5000 – $299.95

Shipping charges vary by product or weight

Location:  Howell, NJ

TechChecks offers newsletters and exclusive deals when you sign up, as well as affiliate programs to earn commission for referring clients and friends.



500 – $54.75

2500 – $169.75

5000 – $329.75

Shipping charges vary by weight and location

Location:  Monroe, New York

CheckOMatic offers monthly specials and gift cards for high volume purchase to show appreciation to customers.



500 – $50.28 Members, $40.22 Executive Members

2000 – $145.92 Members, $116.74 Executive Members

3000 – $219.36 Members, $175.49 Executive Members

Shipping charges vary by delivery times

4-6 business days  $21.58

5-7 business days  $11.05

7-10 business days   FREE

Checks are printed by Harland Clarke, located in New Braunfels, Texas

Costco online order is very convenient for members, and because of their partnership with Harland Clarke, they have a wide array of software options compatibility to their computer checks.

Yes, Good Checks Can Be Cheap

When the printed checks are received, it is best practice to review each page of the computer check to ensure the check numbers are sequential and the proper quantity.  Carefully, inspect the printed text for the correct routing and account numbers, company name, address, bank name and the design logo.  Most vendors provide satisfaction guarantees within 14 to 30 days of delivery so it is optimal to do inspection as soon as possible.

Shipping charges vary among different check printing vendors.  The charge can be variable or fixed priced.  Typically, companies use UPS, FedEx or USPS as the shippers.  The check printing companies base charges by the distance between their location and the customer location, in addition to the volume/weight of the order.  The order includes the weight of checks and accessories, such as rubber endorsement stamps, mailing envelopes or deposit slips, so it would be more economical to select a check printer located close to your shipping location. 

It is wise to diversify and consider having at least two vendors as provider to maximize options and minimize any computer check supply shortage.  There are privately owned and large corporate check printing companies and each are run differently focusing on specific markets, niches, and vary in customer service.  Privately owned companies can offer starter kits and first-order discounts that can be less expensive, and there can be re-order discounts.  On a rush order, they can be faster and flexible than a corporate company.  Some offer monthly specials and rewards to show appreciation to large order customers.

Most companies have a customer satisfaction guarantees policy included in their website.  It is helpful to know that the check printer will offer ways to accommodate any service issues, price matching and quality standards within a minimal amount of time with no additional cost to the customer.

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