3 Places to Buy Checks with Free Shipping

While paying with checks may seem outdated to many people today (especially the younger generation) they are actually still used quite often. Many small businesses still accept checks – especially those that have not upgraded to credit card technologies – and landlords and utility companies usually accept checks too. So how do we get our hands on checks if we need them, and is buying them somewhere other than our banks legitimate? 

There are dozens of websites that sell checks and abide by the security rules of the American National Standards Institute, so customers trust these companies are safe. Certain banks will give you basic checks for free, but if your bank does not offer this or you simply need more, below are three places you can buy them and not pay a dime for shipping.  

Checks Unlimited

Boasting an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, Checks Unlimited is one of the most popular companies in the online check business. The company offers single and duplicate tear-from-the-top and tear-from-the-side checks, all which come in a count of 100 per box. It also sells accessories like checkbook covers and personalized stamps. 

Forget the basic, boring blue checks because Checks Unlimited has over 200 designs of personal checks for you to choose from. This includes everything from scenery to sports to your own uploaded photos, so there is no doubt you can find one that suits your needs. Your information is kept safe and the company also offers EZShield to increase your security.

The price of checks varies significantly, but Checks Unlimited states that you can save up to 50% or more on checks by ordering through them instead of your bank. Checks Unlimited also provides periodic discount codes so you can save even more money, so be sure to browse the website and Google for them before ordering. To make the customer experience even better, Checks Unlimited offers free standard shipping


CheckAdvantage is another check-selling service that provides free shipping on all personal check orders. The website offers numerous categories of designs including Americana, animals, nature, fun, classic, colors, and more. The website states that their designs do not come from stock photos and instead have been captured by actual photographers.  

CheckAdvantage offers over 2,500 personal checks for customers to choose from. It also allows customers to fax or email an order form for those who do not want to give their information on the website. As with most check-selling websites, CheckAdvantage also uses EZShield to protect consumers’ information. 

Prices generally start at $7.50 for 150 single checks and $16.99 for 120 duplicate checks. When you’re checking out, you will also be given the option to buy accessories such as envelopes, stamps, covers, and labels so that you can cover all of your personal check needs in one purchase. If you’re in need of business checks, CheckAdvantage has you covered, too. 

Check Gallery

Check Gallery also sets a simple policy for free standard shipping. The company offers many other products aside from checks including address labels, covers, accessories, and deposit slips, but the checks come in three convenient options: value checks, traditional checks, and choice checks. 

Customers can choose single or duplicate checks for each type and they come in various designs. Value checks start at $12.95 per box, which comes with 100 tear-from-the-top checks. Traditional checks start at $5.95 per box, and choice checks start at $6.95 per box. Users just have to provide the routing information for their account, and Checks.com will take it from there. 

The company has recently updated its packaging so the check holder can take up less space and it is also 100% recyclable. Check Gallery offers EZShield for an extra $2.45 per box, which is a Check Fraud Protection Program and it guarantees your personal and banking information will be safe. 

Get Free Shipping on Personal Checks

Ultimately, buying checks doesn’t have to be a hassle or expensive and eliminates the need to go through your bank. Buying checks online can normally save you a lot of money and they offer countless designs and customizations that you may want for your checks. The websites listed above have you covered for all of your check needs, so definitely “check” them out.

Author : Jason

Jason stopped buying checks from his bank long ago when he realized that there's nothing special about bank checks - except the high cost! He's been publishing check promo codes on CheapoChecks.com to help everyone save on the cost of checks since 2012.

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