These 4 Checks Work Best with QuickBooks

QuickBooks is one of the most convenient accounting software solutions for a sole proprietor, startup company, and small business.  One task that often gets overlooked is finding the best checks to use with the accounting software.  Where do we start?  Decisions depend on the business image the company desires to present, how often and how many checks are printed, cost, […]

Save $212 Each Month by Making This One Change

According to Decision Data, Americans spend, on average, $217 per month for cable TV. This amount has risen every year lately. Interestingly, people spend, on average, $205 per month for all other major utilities combined (electricity, gas, water, sewage, and garbage). So on average people spend more for cable TV than all of their utilities! I was surprised and shocked […]

List of Credit Cards that Come with Checks

Another common question that we get asked is “what credit cards come with checks you can write?” Lots of people are looking to get credit card checks to pay bills and have the balance added to their balance. This type of check, called a credit card convenience check, allows you to borrow money using your credit card account. They can […]

List of Banks that Offer Free Checks

One of the most frequent questions we get asked is “which banks give out free checks?” Yes free checking is a good thing, but free checking with free checks is even better. Most of the larger, nationwide banks do not have checking accounts with this feature. But here’s a list of (mostly) smaller banks that do offer free checks when […]

Tips to Paying Off Your Home Loan Faster

Whether you’ve found your dream home or something to use as a stepping stone toward your next adventure, having a mortgage doesn’t have to weigh you down. We have a number of tips for paying off your home loan faster, which can be especially useful if you plan to rent out your home. Not having a monthly payment can reduce […]

Key Differences Between Bonds and Stocks

For people who want to start getting into investing, the investment world probably looks incredibly alien. It can be easy to overcomplicate the image of investing and to lose yourself in the trees when the forest is actually incredibly easy to see. For beginning investors who are looking to start a portfolio, the two main aspects of investing to understand […]

Personal Checks FAQ

As the editor of, I get asked questions related to buying and using checks all the time. Instead of continuing to answer them one at a time, I thought I would compile a list of the most common questions and answers all in one place. Do I have to buy checks from my bank? No, you do not have […]