3 Easy Ways To Lower Your Household Bills

According to recent data released by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average American family has an income of just over $63,000 per annum before tax but has household costs of almost $50,000! Once tax is taken away from wages, it’s clear that American families spend more than they earn on average. This explains why the average American household […]

Types of Business Checks

Business checks are still important tools in any company’s armory as they use checks to buy goods and supplies. Organizations of all sizes use business checks which are generally linked to a business bank account. Although business accounts have more fees than personal accounts, businesses tend to receive many more benefits such as bonuses for keeping to a minimum checking […]

FAQs About Buying Online Checks

A personal check is when an individual places an order to a bank in order to release the amount of money contained on the check to the person whose name is on the check. Although it is said that checks are a dying payment method, the reality is that 33 billion personal checks are issued in the United States each […]

Business Check Logos

The front of your office building. Company T-shirts and apparel. Stationary. Your Web site. Emails. Advertisements. The astute business owner is always looking for ways to brand his or her product, and a logo is one of the best ways to do so. By now, your logo can be found on just about anything associated with your product. One area […]