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Check Advantage is an established manufacturer and online retailer of checks and check supplies. The company has been in business for more than a decade and they are among the biggest companies in their industry. According to customers and reviews over the years, only 0.1% of business checks that have been ordered from Check Advantage have contained errors and less than 1% of checks have arrived later than promised. The company’s reputation for producing high quality original check designs ensures that it may well stay at the top of the check producing industry for quite some time to come.

Although it would take up far too much space to mention every single product offered by Check Advantage, we will include a sampling of their pricelist for your consideration:

  • General Disbursement Check – These checks are ideal for petty cash expenditures and accounts payable. Check Advantage print three of these checks on a page and offer a 7 ring check binder for $17.95. 300 of these checks will set you back $33.65 while 2,400 can be yours for $169.95.
  • Booked Deposit Tickets – These personalized deposit slips allow you to get in and out of the bank quickly. 200 deposit slips cost $17.45 while 2,000 will cost you $104.95.
  • Desktop Checks – 300 desktop checks cost $31.55 while 1,200 can be purchased for $100.95.

It should be noted that all checks have two, and in some cases, three part carbonless options which cost 50-100% more than originals.

For years, Check Advantage focused on check ordering services but has recently dipped their toe into check design. You can choose between over 150 original check designs, all of which have been created by their professional team of designers. There are another 700 check designs to choose from which contain more generic designs with nature and scenic designs featuring most prominently. There are an enormous number of business checks on offer including manual and laser checks. Their Rush Production option is extremely convenient for a business in a hurry. It guarantees that your order will be printed and shipped by midday on the day it’s received provided you issue the order in the morning.

Check Advantage also sells a wide range of accessories including binders, envelopes, desktop covers and pre-inked stamps. You can even add a monogram or a logo to the checks you order to make them that little bit more unique. All orders are closely checked by a print professional as a protection against fraud and customers can avail of Check Advantage’s money back guarantee if the checks are not up to standard.

Check Advantage does its best to be the ultimate check supplier. Their delivery record is excellent and is aided by the online order tracking option they offer. There are a dozen shipping options and customers can call them toll-free from Monday-Friday. About the only downside is the fact that Check Advantage concentrates on business checks so you may not have the customized options you would like for personal checks. Nonetheless, this is a minor point and should not detract from what is an excellent service offered by an established and respected company.

Author : Jason

Jason stopped buying checks from his bank long ago when he realized that there's nothing special about bank checks - except the high cost! He's been publishing check promo codes on to help everyone save on the cost of checks since 2012.

3 thoughts on “Check Advantage Review and Promo Code

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      Ordered checks and when they arrived they look nothing like on the website. Pictures are very washed out and paper is very cheap. Just thought I’d make a mental note to never order from here again except I went to write a check just now for my daughters school and the checks are not even preforated for tearing! Needless to say the check rips where it shouldn’t and now I basically have to order checks from a more reputable place….

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      I ordered checks and got a typo in the account. They are resending but I pay shipping? I could not check my order before or after submitting, but they say you can. My email says they wont charge, but the link to their site looks like full payment for another order. I am extremely nervous about this place and won’t repeat even if it works out. I knew as soon as I ordered EVEN IF I KNOW I CHECKED MY NUMBERS SEVERAL TIMES, there should have been a ‘preview and make sure’ page before everything vanishing with no way to check. It is true the checks are not on great paper but that would be ok after all we are trying to order cheap checks.

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      will try a few of these services from check advantage, let’s see how they will deliver their quality order.

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