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Check Gallery prides itself on being a little bit different to its competitors. It claims to be the number one Earth-friendly check printer in the United States. All checks printed by the company used vegetable-based ink and all check paper is recycled. Check Gallery also claims to absorb the cost of their environmentally friendly printing strategy so that their customers are not forced to pay extra.

The company offers a range of options including checkbook covers, address labels, contact cards and personal bank checks. In addition, their range of checks has designs inspired by nature so you can admire the craftsmanship of each check as you use it. In modern corporate America, showing that your business is ‘green’ in some way is a major selling point so Check Gallery hopes that companies use their services for this reason.

Check Gallery promise a 100% refund if your order is not processed as you requested. It is also important for first-time customers to be aware of the discounts on offer. The introductory rate is available when you use the Offer Code GWND05.

  • One Part Checks: $18.95 for the first box and $8.95 for every other box. Classic edition checks cost $3 per box extra. Use the offer code and the first box costs $12.95 with additional boxes costing just $0.10 on your first order.
  • Duplicate Checks: $21.95 for the first box, $11.95 for subsequent boxes. New customers pay $14.95 for box one and $0.10 for other boxes.
  • One-Part Photo Checks: $23.95 for box one and $16.95 per additional box. New customers pay $21.95 for box one and $0.10 all extra boxes.
  • Duplicate Photo Checks: $24.95 for box one and $17.95 for other boxes in the order. New customers pay $21.95 for their first box and just $0.10 for extra boxes.

In some cases, a third and fourth box is even cheaper so be sure to study the website for additional savings. You can also pay $2.50 per box to have your checks written in an old-style language for additional elegance. Accessories on offer include:

  • Wallet bound labels (400) – $12.95
  • Leather Passport Case (Black) – $24.99
  • Solar Ruler Calculator – $29.95
  • Leather Covers (Black or Burgundy) – $12.95

Additional Information
Check Gallery offers an incredible array of options to personalize your checks. You have the option of adding monograms or symbols for $2.50 per box. Each monogram/symbol will be displayed in the top left hand corner of each check and include dozens of designs including animals, environmentally friendly pictures, sports and hospitality. You can also add signature text for just $2.50 a box extra. This enables you to add up to two lines of personal text per check.

Check Gallery uses UPS to offer a shipping and handling service. Standard UPS delivery for checks is $6.50 for the first box and $1.75 for every box after that. Their ‘In-Plant’ Rush services promises to print the checks 1-10 days after your order depending on the service you choose. You can also use standard UPS shipping which is untraceable and takes up to 17 business days to deliver.

Check Gallery cleverly reduces its rates for bulk purchases and offers more than enough options for businesses. The fact that you can personalize your check to any degree you wish is a major selling point as of course is the environmentally friendly methods used by the company. Even for businesses not seeking to go ‘green’, Check Gallery offers a terrific check printing and delivery service that covers all the bases.

Author : Jason

Jason stopped buying checks from his bank long ago when he realized that there's nothing special about bank checks - except the high cost! He's been publishing check promo codes on to help everyone save on the cost of checks since 2012.

6 thoughts on “Check Gallery Review and Promo Code

    • Author gravatar

      Watch out for their website. Separate space for “shipping” and “handling.” And no page showing what you’re actually paying for until its too late. I ended up unknowingly paying for “handling,” almost as much as the checks themselves.

    • Author gravatar

      Watch out if you use a Sunday paper coupon. I ordered 2 boxes of checks and paid $10.95, including $4 for handling. I got my checks, then a bill for additional $27.85, $6.90 of which was for handling. I called, waited 25 to speak to a rep who told me the coupon was w for first time customers only; and I had ordered 2 boxes of checks from them on 4/16/1997! I requested a copy of the invoice from 1997 and was told that they don’t keep that record, but they do keep a record that I did ordered the checks. I asked to returned the checks but was told I can’t do that because the checks were already printed. The rep eventually offered to discount the cost 25%. I acquiesced mainly to avoid a stroke since I knew my blood pressure was rapidly rising, and paid another $20.89. I think this is terribly unfair. Terrible business practice. Will NEVER patronize The Check Gallery again.

    • Author gravatar

      I ordered from ‘4checks’ co.from the Sunday newspaper. There was nothing in the ad to indicate it was in any way affiliated with a company that I had ordered from before. I got a call from a VERY aggressive person telling me they were a affiliated with 16 separate check companies. She was insistent that I give her checking info for additional billing of $60. I told her that info would be known to the processor of my order and hung up the phone. I am now getting threatening letters in the mail.

    • Author gravatar

      Tried to order checks twice by phone when their online ordering site claimed I’d never ordered from them. I’ve been ordering from them for over 20 years. The operators are obviously working from sales scripts. They tried several times to get me to order more than I wanted or needed and insisted on reading their entire script on the subject despite my repeated statements that I did not want to order 4 boxes of checks.

      At the end, they had tacked on expensive services and fees that I did not want or need. I had to repeat myself several times that I did not want the extra services at all.

      They even tried to charge me 1.99 for each check register. I get those free at my bank.

      Considering how many people are dropping checks in favor of check cards, online payment, and other methods, Check Gallery is foolish to antagonize their existing customers.

      This was my last order from them. I’m ordering through my bank from now on.

    • Author gravatar

      Right the Check Gallery never sent all my checks, kept me waiting and waiting, lost part of my order, not sure why they send the boxes separately, just not happy at all that I even bothered to order from them. A real disappointment for me. Now I have to contact my credit card company and bank to have all those check numbers canceled. I would never use The Check Gallery again in my life. Can’t trust them and don’t understand their logic as a company. Live and learn, just won’t use them again.

    • Author gravatar

      If you’re on a budget and think they’re offering a great deal, please don’t let yourself be fooled! I order checks once every other decade, since I never use them and only like to have them around in case they’re needed (maybe once a year). So I figured I’d destroy my old checks with my old info and get new ones with all my current stuff.
      Long story short, I was shown one total and charged a completely different total. I emailed and was told to call, so I called, and talked with the most listeners customer service jerkwad I’ve ever met. “EVERYBODY calls saying they were charged too much but never stop to think about the cost of shipping and handling.” What an anus of an employee, and what a disgusting company.
      SHOP ELSEWHERE. They don’t deserve any of our money.

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