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CheckWorks have a long and illustrious history as a manufacturer and seller of checks. The business was originally known as Bank Printing Company and was founded by Aloysius J. Uniack in 1922. The company has remained at the forefront of the industry ever since and has even worked extensively with the Bank of America. In 1986, Bank Printing Company became the first business to offer checks directly to customers. The business used mass marketing techniques to promote the idea which was a resounding success. All modern check printers are following the path laid out by Bank Printing Company. Today, CheckWorks is a thriving printer and seller of checks and offers a number of different options.


  • Personal Checks – CheckWorks offers dozens of different personal checks with 150 single checks in a box for $9.95. The price is reduced when you buy in bulk with four boxes costing just $27.80. Duplicate checks cost $12.95 for a box of 125. There are a number of security features on these checks including a microprint signature line which are small letters that can be read through a magnifying glass. The chemically sensitive paper ensures that your checks cannot be altered. There is also a security screen which consists of light print on the back of the check with reversed text. This is extremely difficult to duplicate.
  • Business Checks – You can purchase designer checks with three on a page. It is possible to purchase 300 of these checks for $29.99. 250 computer/laser checks can be bought for $52.99 with 6,000 setting you back $523.99. 50 traditional checks cost $16.99 which is the same price as vision business checks and estate business checks.
  • Computer Checks – CheckWorks offers an array of computer checks in a host of different colors. The majority of orders ship within two business days and you can expect delivery within five business days.
  • Personal Desk Checks – These consist of three checks on a page and 30 deposit slips per box. One box of 300 costs $24.99 with six boxes available for a discount price of $119.99.
  • Deposit Slips – Again, CheckWorks has a range of options including 100 business deposit slips for $14.99 and 50 laser deposit slips for $25.99.
  • Accessories – You can choose between dozens of items including binders, registers, stamps and laser check envelopes.

CheckWorks has been given an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau and offers a money back guarantee on all products returned within 60 days of receipt if the customer is not happy.

There is no doubt that CheckWorks has a rich history and has been a respected company in the industry for decades. However, a number of customers have complained about the quality of the checks which almost appear to be fake such is their design. It also seems as if their delivery standards have fallen in recent years according to loyal customers who were previously happy with the company. The website is also unreliable and has a tendency to be unavailable at times which can be frustrating. Despite the fact that CheckWorks is still a high quality company, there are signs that it may be starting to slip.

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