Making Sure Your Business Checks Look Professional

When choosing the business checks that are going to represent you and your company, it is important to make sure that they fit the theme of your company and present a professional image.  The checks that you write out and send to other companies and customers are going to tell them what your company is about and present an impression of your business.  The first decision in designing your checks is determining what should be printed on them.  Your business name and address always goes on a check but then you can also add your company’s logo, phone number and website, turning it into a type of business card.  After all, you never know who might see the check and become curious about what your company does.

After deciding what information should be printed on your business checks, the next decision should be choosing the type of font used for the printed information.  It is important to make sure that the font is clear and easy to read while also giving an impression about your company.  For instance, if your business offers fine traditional furniture, it might be a good idea to choose a font that is traditional with a gentle scroll or two.  If your business is a modern design company, then choosing a font that features a type of block print would be more fitting than choosing an old English font.  However a bookstore may want to use an old English font if their story is decorated to look like a quaint bookshop.

Once you have the information and have chosen the font, then it’s time to choose the background.  There are all kinds of businesses out there and business checks should reflect the atmosphere of your company.  For example, if you have a company that specializes in party favors or children’s toys, then you can choose a background for your checks that reflect that specialty.  You could even go with just a bright colored background if you wish.  Companies that offer design services or develop software could choose a backdrop that reflects their business such as blueprints, vertical lines, and so forth.

With business checks, you can choose from payroll checks to accounts payable checks to multipurpose checks and they all come in the appropriate format to make them easier to use.  If you choose these types of checks, you may be limited as far as background choices go.  Most of the time, these types of checks are printed on a marble backdrop in a short range of colors but you can add your company logo.  A lot of check printing companies offer checks on recycled paper which means savings for you because they are relatively inexpensive.  If you want a more personalized look, you may have to go with a company that specializes in customized checks or simply order personal checks with the company name on them.

There are plenty of companies that offer business checks so it is important to take your time and make sure that you find one that is reputable and trustworthy.  This is because you will have to give the company your financial information, such as your bank account information, and it would be an easy thing to be scammed by one of these online companies.

Author : Jason

Jason stopped buying checks from his bank long ago when he realized that there's nothing special about bank checks - except the high cost! He's been publishing check promo codes on to help everyone save on the cost of checks since 2012.

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