Personal Checks: Making Your Life Easier

In this day and age, there are many ways to pay for things while shopping or paying bills.  Most people carry their credit cards, debit cards, cash and checks in their wallet so they can pay for things as any given time.  Many people prefer to use paper checks when paying their bills through the mail or when they are shopping for many reasons.  Writing checks allows people to keep a good record of their spending habits.  It’s also extremely easy to simply write out a check and send it with your bill in the mail when paying your monthly bills.

As checks are still widely used, why not make them more fun by personalizing them.  Having your favorite picture or quote printed on your checks will bring you some joy while you are paying your bills.  Personal checks come in a wide variety of designs and colors.  In fact, you can find a designer check with almost any picture on it.  Whether you choose your favorite cartoon character, a country inspired theme, a beautiful nature scene, or your favorite animal, these checks are fun to look at.   Some personal checks are sponsored by a charitable cause such as an animal society or a children’s hospital.  A portion of the money that you spend purchasing the checks will go to that particular charity or organization.  Not only are you buying cute designer checks, but you are also helping out a worthy cause with your purchase.

When buying personal checks, there are several different companies to choose from. Whether you order your checks online or from an order form, many of these companies have a wide variety of affordable check designs to select from.  There is usually something to match anyone’s personality.  After you have chosen your favorite design, you can then personalize your checks.  You start by adding your information which is required on your checks such as your name and address.  It will then give you the option of adding your phone number, driver’s license number, or social security number.  Information about your financial institution is also required to be put on your check.  Some checks will also give you the option of writing your own quote or saying that they will print on the face of your check.  This will allow you to add your own special touch to your personal checks.  Duplicate checks are another option to choose from when designing you checks.  Although they usually cost a bit more, many people love the benefit of not having to record each check in the registry.  Simply write your check, and the duplicate copy will give you an instant record of each check that was written.

Many companies offer matching checkbook covers when ordering your personalized checks.  This will give you a stylish place to keep your checks in your purse.  Matching address labels and notepads are sometimes offered as well.

Add a little color and character into your life by choosing some cute designer personalized checks.  You’ll receive many compliments on your cute pictures and they are just fun to have.  Next time you are browsing online, look into updating your checkbook with personal checks.

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Author : Jason

Jason stopped buying checks from his bank long ago when he realized that there's nothing special about bank checks - except the high cost! He's been publishing check promo codes on to help everyone save on the cost of checks since 2012.

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