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Tech Checks is a leading business check provider and has been in business since 2003. The company claims to perform most of its work in-house which they say leads to greater savings for their customers. Unlike other business check providers, Tech Checks promises to ship your order in less than 24 hours, a service that often costs extra when dealing with other businesses. Tech Checks also has a 100% satisfaction guarantee; their checks are compliant with Check 21 standards and meet all standard bank requirements. Customers have the option of receiving a free logo on their orders and there are a host of security features.

Products & Prices
Tech Checks offer a wide range of products so we are only going to mention a mere handful of what is on offer.

  • Voucher Checks: $299.95 for 6,000 Top of Page Computer Checks, $189.95 for 4,800 3 on Page Computer Checks.
  • QuickBooks: Wallet Size & Quicken Checks – $148.95 for 3,000.
  • Personal Checks: These come in a variety of styles including American Patriotic, Daisies and Burgundy Fineline. Expect to around $69.95 for 900 singles and $66.95 for 450 duplicates.
  • Deluxe Business Starter Package $128.99: Contains 750 checks, 350 envelopes, 400 deposit slips, free logo and 1 endorsement stamp.
  • Accessories: Includes self-inking stamp for $14.95.

Additional Information
All checks come with a set of security features including:

Micro Print Signature Line – This is small type in the signature line that looks like a dotted line when photocopied.
Security Screen – If the check is photocopied, the verbiage from the original document disappears.

It’s fair to say that Tech Checks offers just about everything you could possibly need for banking. You can choose between several different business check types and there are enough accessories to keep you occupied. The prices charged by the company compare favorably to many of its competitors and you certainly save money on what you would pay a bank for checks.

The 24 hour shipping promise is something that places them ahead of many companies and they also have excellent features such as giving you the ability to track your order through their website. If you’re in a hurry, at least you’ll have a good idea of the status of your checks. After creating an account with Tech Checks, you can utilize their quick reorder service which means you can replicate a previous purchase in a few seconds. They also offer coupons and are always running special offers. You can even make money on the side by participating in their affiliate program which rewards you with commissions if you refer people to the company and they make purchases.

Tech Checks has a solid reputation in the industry in terms of products supplied, prices, variety, customer service and delivery times. This is basically all you can ask of an online business check provider. Their 100% satisfaction guarantee should not be confused with a potential refund. All this means is Techchecks promises that you will be satisfied with their products. If you aren’t, contact them immediately and they promise to sort out any issues. This doesn’t mean you will receive a refund however.

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