These 4 Checks Work Best with QuickBooks

QuickBooks is one of the most convenient accounting software solutions for a sole proprietor, startup company, and small business.  One task that often gets overlooked is finding the best checks to use with the accounting software.  Where do we start?  Decisions depend on the business image the company desires to present, how often and how many checks are printed, cost, convenience, customer service and, most importantly, security. 

A check is an important interaction with vendors, customers and employees.  The quality of paper, color, design and how to display the company logo may be significant for an architectural, interior design, public relations, graphic design or marketing company.  After all, a check is an official document, and it is an opportunity to present a special appearance.  Some check printers accommodate creative features to stimulate the vision using color, and touch using special paper. 

Customer service is important if a company is active and dynamic in their operations.  Often, a small business is run by employees wearing different hats to continue operations.  Ordering checks is the priority, and could be a last-minute task.  Although QuickBooks has a “reorder reminder” which can be set up by the user, there may be a need for overnight printing, expedited shipping or personal delivery or pickup.  Having a good relationship with a check printing company can be suitable in this situation.

Check security is another factor to consider in purchasing checks.  Many companies are offering “High Security” features for QuickBooks checks.  This security can prevent check washing, forgery or counterfeiting which can reduce the risk of losses to the company.  In researching different possibilities, there can be up to 25 security features for one check.  Each check printing company selects their features and some are patented. There is an overt security feature, which is visible to the naked eye, and a covert security feature, which is hidden.  Sometimes security features can be both overt and covert.  One example which has both is a foil hologram, similar to what we see in the back of our credit card.  The visible multi-dimensional foil image on a check makes it almost impossible to counterfeit.  It also has the purpose of disappearing if a fraudster tries to chemically wash the ink off the check.  When the bank notices that this feature is missing, it is a sign that the check has been altered.  Another security feature is the complex, intricate, micro-patterned border that is printed around the check, with a clear stated warning that the check has counterfeit proof features.  There are also prismatic multi-color backgrounds, making it difficult to counterfeit and also reveals any damage to the check background if a fraudster made alterations, such as removing ink with a sticky tape.  Another covert security feature is a VOID or COPY watermark appearing on a photocopied check.  Security pens are also offered as an accessory to special security paper checks to prevent forgery, and ink from disappearing from chemical washing. Many check printing companies share videos or diagrams of these high security features on their brochure or website. 

Typically, the dimensions of the blank QuickBooks check are 8 ½ x 11”, perforated with 3 equal sections – the check, the remittance slip, and the stub to attach to accounting records.  If a company does not need remittances or stubs, check printers also offer three checks on one full page.

It is an option to have Payee and Amount lines, which gives flexibility for the user to write or print checks.  However, if the company’s policy requires to only issue printed checks, the appearance of checks with no lines shows better.  Dual signature lines options are available to accommodate companies who want to strengthen their cash controls requiring two or more signatures for high dollar amounts.

Here are the best QuickBooks checks printers:

Superior Press is a check printer to many banks and offers customized checks with security features.  One can request specific paper, multi-color logos, special delivery, storage, and customer service.  This company tailors to the needs of a growing company.  Superior Press can also tailor the checks to accommodate most software and printers and the small business expands.  With its focus customer service, a sales representative can be assigned to discuss the specific check printing situation.  Shipments can be as fast as 1-2 days. Qty 250 checks, prices start from $118.27 ($0.47 per check)

Deluxe is another major check printer.  Check orders can be made online, or by calling their phone number.  During the online order process, there is a convenient option for a business starter kit, which includes deposit slips, security ink pen, security bags and an endorsement stamp.  It is simple to order, and requires input of the business name, address, bank information, with selection of colors, designs and security features.  Shipments range from 2-7 business days. Qty 100 checks, prices start from $149.99 ($1.49 per check)

Costco checks sells QuickBooks checks made by Harland Clarke, another major check printer.  Costco is known for their quality, consistent service and simple buying process.   These are some of the very cheapest checks for QuickBooks you’ll find anywhere. Their return policy is very reputable, and this can be important for every business.  The checks can be ordered online, or over the phone.  Customization is limited, but you can add your logos in black and white print color.  Shipment options range from 4-10 business days. Qty 500, prices start from $140 for members, and $112 for executive members.  Add $25 for a custom black and white logo. ($0.28 per check)

  • Intuit

Let’s not forget that QuickBooks also offers check printing with security.  It is convenient and easy because QuickBooks also sends a reminder to the user and the order process is embedded in the software.  Printing can range from 2- 6 business days, depending on the customization, plus shipping time which ranges from overnight to 6 business days. Qty 50, prices start at $66.99 ($1.34 per check)

quickbooks checks on printer

When ordering, always ask about current promotions, if any starter kits are offered and specific delivery times.  Before paying for the order, triple check any proofs provided to avoid printer errors and ensure that the QuickBooks version by year provided is accurate, and ask about reorder procedures.  Consider purchasing extra accessories such as deposit slips, QuickBooks checks mailing envelopes (one or two windows) and endorsement stamps.  Inquire what the company’s actions and policies on printing errors.  If it is the first check order for the company, it is ideal to start the checks with a 4-digit number.

Where possible, set up the QuickBooks software reorder notification by inputting a check number as a reminder, or mark the calendar at least two weeks before you use up your current check supply.  When blank checks are received, open the box and physically count each check, and ensure there is no printing error on the check numbering.  For best practice, store blank checks in a secured area with a key held by one custodian and a backup.  Although it seems like an ordinary office supply item, the blank check ordering process is an important task in protecting the company’s bank assets.

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