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Although a large portion of the public has moved to debit and credit cards for most purchases, checks still hold an important role in the business world. Every time a business accepts payment via credit or debit, it must pay a fee. Business transactions are smooth and less expensive when done with checks. What’s more, checks provide businesses with a sense of authority and professionalism.

To order checks, businesses have several options. Initially, when they open an account with a bank, they may receive complimentary checks. From there, however, they will have to pay for new ones. Ordering checks can be done straight through one’s bank or with an alternative source. Luckily for businesses, companies like Amazon sell business checks at a much lower price than many other providers.

If you’re interested in ordering checks, consider the following top-rated business checks on Amazon.

General Manual Business Checks

Manufactured by PrintEZ, these checks are standard, multipurpose checks perfect for any business. They can be ordered in an array of quantities, from 250 sheets up to 5000 sheets. What’s more, each business can specify the color of choice! With 9 different color choices and 2 unique backgrounds, businesses can order the perfect check that fits their brand styling.

PrintEZ has created these sheets that feature three checks and unique tear vouchers. These tear vouchers are perfect for any business to keep a permanent paper record of all transactions.

The process of ordering the General Manual Business Checks couldn’t be any easier. Before making a purchase, PrintEZ will ask you for company information and some details. The checks will display the company name and the full company address. What’s more, if you want to include a phone number, it can easily be added to the check as well.

Next, businesses will have to enter their banking information. PrintEZ needs a bank name and bank address for display. And lastly, businesses must provide their routing number, account number, and start number.

PrintEZ’s General Manual Business Checks have a reputation for being professional and virtually identical to checks that come straight from the bank. The only difference is the savings provided by PrintEZ!

Businesses can order 250 blue sheets for only $29.89!

CheckSimple Laser Business Checks

CheckSimple has created a new offering for businesses who want a high-quality check. These Laser Business Checks are known for their advanced security features. Thus, businesses who want greater confidence and security features will greatly benefit from these CheckSimple checks.

The product utilizes invisible embedded security features to prevent fraud. Each check is made from chemical sensitive paper to add analysis ability. Furthermore, every check will have an authentic watermark, special micro print, and even fluorescent fibers for added security.  

Similar to the PrintEZ check, these CheckSimple checks come on sheets of three checks. Each sheet also had a customized tear sheet for transaction records.

Businesses have several options when ordering these laser business checks. First, businesses can choose a quantity starting at 50 sheets and going up to 1000 sheets. Then, businesses may select their color of choice. CheckSimple provides checks in blue, green, and burgundy. However, each color has an additional option of adding duplicates.

In total, CheckSimple provides six options of three colors, each standalone or with duplicates. What’s more, each sheet comes with a 7-hole punch, so they can be neatly kept in a binder.

The process of ordering these Laser Business Checks is essentially the same as the PrintEZ checks. However, they do offer additional information. Businesses can decide to include an additional signature line with custom text above the line if they so desire.

CheckSimple Laser Business Checks start at $36.95 for 250 blue sheets without duplicates.

CheckSimple All Purpose Manual Business Checks  

Another Checksimple product, these All-Purpose Manual Business Checks are significantly different from their other popular option. First, each sheet that businesses order only comes with one check on them. That’s because they’re designed to be used with tools such as Quicken Business, QuickBooks, Microsoft Money, and other tools.

These All-Purpose Manual Business Checks also come with advanced security features. The checks are printed on UV Dull Paper which helps differentiate them from fraudulent copies. The paper is also chemical sensitive—stains appear if they’re printed illegally or altered in any way.

The back of each check features the standard “Original Document” display. It warns the public against fraudulent practices and shows the security features. The back of the check also shows the mobile deposit reminder.  

This CheckSimple product can be ordered in the same blue, burgundy, and green colors. Although there is no duplicate alternative, there is an advanced check option that features additional security measures.

Thus, each check is designed for utility purposes. The top of the check is designed to be used with laser printers or inkjet printers. Although they’re completely compatible with tools like QuickBooks and Quicken, they’re available for a fraction of the price. The ordering procedure is the same as the previous CheckSimple product.

Businesses can order $250 sheets for $39.95.

Compuchecks Business Standard Checks

These Business Standard Checks are another great option for any business. They provide advanced security features on each check. They’re also fully compatible with Quicken and Quickbooks.

Each sheet ordered comes with 3 checks per page. On each check, businesses can customize the display with their information, just like the previous checks, but they can also add their company logo for free.  

The Compuchecks come in a standard blue, 300-sheet order. However, through the website, this may be customized.

To order the Compuchecks Business Standard Checks, businesses follow the same procedures as other checks. They provide all business information and bank information. From there, businesses have some customizable options. Compuchecks can print checks with or without lines for signatures. Businesses who order checks can email Compuchecks their logo for custom insertion. Businesses can also have a starting check number and reverse print available.

Compuchecks Business Standard Checks start at $37.95 for 300 laser printed checks.

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